Saint Sarkis Halva Happy Sourp Sarkis to everyone who has Sarkis Sako name
Special sweet dessert served once a year on Saint Sarkis day.Every Armenian man who has the name Sarkis is remembered and congratulated for there name at Saint Sarkis day.
I didn’t prepare these individual packed Sourp Sarkis Halva .Each year we buy ready made from patisserie middle eastern store. Delicious Armenian sweet halva prepared with marshmallow,sesame seeds and walnuts is very popular.
In this occasion I thought to share with you some of our wonderful Armenian history about Saint Sarkis.These information I found from computer.

-Among Armenians’ most beloved saints, St. Sarkis (4th century) was believed to be a miracle worker whose army of 40 defeated an enemy of 10,000.
The legend says that when all his soldiers were killed because of a plot, he was rescued with the help of God, there was a big storm and he was able to escape on horseback).

-According to one of the folk stories, upon return of their victorious battle Captain St. Sarkis and his 39 soldiers/companions celebrated their victory in the royal palace. When all of them were drunk and went to sleep, the king ordered 40 young women to kill the brave soldiers. 39 of the women obeyed the order and killed the soldiers, whereas one of them seeing the handsome and peaceful face of sleeping Sarkis fell in love with him and instead of killing, kissed him. Getting up and seeing what had happened St. Sarkis straddled his white horse and, taking the young woman with him, smashed the gates of the city, brought up a violent snow-storm and left the city. It is because of this folk story that people in love started to consider St. Sarkis their intercessor and protector. St. Sarkis always helps and supports all young people asking his help and support.

-St. Sarkis, Patron of Youth and love
In Armenia it is accepted to celebrate the Feast of St. Sarkis not only according to church rites and prayer, but also according to various folk traditions.
St. Sarkis the Captain is the patron of youth. Many miracles happen thanks to his intercession. On the day of the feast young people pray the saint asking him to make their prayers audible to God. St. Sarkis is the realizer of the love longings.
People in love present each other cards, flowers or sweets on the occasion of the feast.